Arthur Murray Mobile App Design

Once in a while, a ballroom dance student would show up late to the studio cutting into the time they paid a pricy amount for. Or they'd get a call reminding them about a lesson they didn't remember scheduling. As a solution, I designed a mobile app to help them stay on top of their lessons.


Vela Website Redesign

Vela modernizes care management by improving communication and collaboration between health care professionals and caregivers. I was tasked with redesigning the website to ensure that our "non-tech saavy" audience felt comfortable and confident using it.

Verizon 5G Ordering Experience

With the upcoming launch of the next generation wireless technology promised by the end of 2018, the business needed to have a smooth and simple sign up experience. We also needed to address customers' top frustration: price transparency.


Define the vision. Investigate the problem.

Look for previous data and research already conducted.

Listen and empathize with the people using the product through user interviews and field studies.

Research the goals and pain points of both the business and the target audience.

Validate the business' perceptions of its target audience by interacting with the audience.

Develop goals and success points for the project.


Make sense of the data that's been collected through personas, storyboarding, journey maps, task flows, user scenarios, and user stories.

Refer back to these as you're designing and presenting to stakeholders.


Make ideas for the solution concrete through sketching and wireframing. 

Strategize the structure of the content.

Validate low-fi and high-fi wireframes with users, the business, and developers.

Strategize the colors, typography, and imagery that will be used while staying loyal to the brand. 

Collaborate with other talent such as copywriters, illustrators, visual designers, and developers.

Create prototypes to demonstrate the how users will interact with your product.


Conduct usability tests.

Meet and understand the people who you're designing this product for. 

Learn where you went wrong and know that you're getting closer to the right track.

Repeat other steps often.


Deliver design specs for the development team using Invision Inspect.

Provide a style guide.

Provide design guidance to team.

Repeat other steps often.


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